How to Dress Like a Boss for Your Next Interview

The job market is tough. With the threat of a declining economy at the forefront of our minds, it is important not to pull any punches and ace your interviews. A recent Huffington Post article on how to dress for success explains that it takes 10 seconds for an interviewer to know if you are the right person for the job. This opinion is rooted in the analysis of your appearance including proper attire and grooming. When a person is seen to have one desirable trait (for instance, good sense of dress), it is assumed that they have numerous other desirable traits as well. Here is our list of tips on how to dress like a boss for your next interview.

Winning Vibes

To be a winner, it is important to look, talk and act like a winner. Of these three, it is the first that sets the tone for the rest of the interview and often requires the most careful preparation. The first few seconds after you enter the room are the most crucial. Expect the interviewers to compare you with all the other candidates who sat in the chair before you. According to a study published by Sage Journals on “the cognitive consequences of dressing formal,” dressing formal can make you feel powerful, in control of the situation and improve your ability to analyze situations and make proper decisions.

Opt For Formal

Most organizations have some form of dress code. Even when there is no dress code, there will be an informal style and scale of dress that exists among the employees and a good look around will give you enough indicators to base your own dressing decisions. If you have not had enough exposure to the organization before dressing for the interview, it is probably best to opt to dress on the formal side. It is better to be a little conservative than to be casual. It is quite acceptable to dress formally for the interview and later, after joining, ease up on the formal clothing until it blends in.

Be Aware

A plain white cotton dress shirt is a perennial classic. Keep the look neat and classy without too many accessories. Know what works with your body type and apply the best of that for your interview. Avoid experimentation. Opt for something that you have worn before and are sure is appropriate. Being familiar with your clothing can help avoid discomfort and mishaps; like the button that you didn’t notice was about to fall off. Also, make sure you have your full attire for the interview cleaned and pressed beforehand so that you look your best.

Project Right Values

Think about the attributes or values of a boss. Maturity, authority and dignity reflect how seriously you take yourself and this will set the tone for how seriously others will take you as well. However, when in a non-casual organization, it is important to be well within the middle ground and avoid being excessively casual or formal.