Did You Know that Your Beauty Products are Ruining Your Work Clothes?

It’s all very well to say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s face it; we all make our first impressions on exactly that. How a person appears at first glance goes a long way in how we perceive them. According to the Wall Street Journal, how we dress can have a huge impact on our professional success. There’s no wonder why there is so much talk about personal branding. On the other hand, this also means that you need to take very good care not only while choosing your business attire but also in taking care of it. While many might say that it is easier for women to dress well, women also have to deal with the nightmare of makeup stains that never seem to come off their best outfits. Here’s a look at what you can do to keep your business attire as impressive as your portfolio.

How to Take Care of Your Work Clothes
The first step in making a good impression is ensuring that you wear clean, well ironed clothes, with the right creases and not a wrinkle to be seen. This is where a reliable and convenient laundry service can come in very handy. Washing your work clothes will most likely entail special care that only a dry cleaning service could provide.

When it comes to women, cosmetic stains occur more often than we care to imagine. The most common makeup stains are:

Lipstick stains: The biggest problem with lipstick stains is that it is a combination stain of both waxy and pigmented substances, unlike the regular tea, coffee or wine stains. This makes the whole process of removal much trickier.

Mascara and eyeliner stains: Again the mascara and eyeliner stains also fall into the same category of combination stains, although they lean more towards the greasy stain. The stain might be similar to what an oil splatter causes, or that of a salad dressing splatter.

Powdered makeup stains: The worst thing that can happen with powdered form of makeup like blush, eyeshadow, etc., is that you could try to brush it away. What this does is spread that awful mark over a wider area, making it worse while cleaning. It is better to use a hair dryer to blow the powder away rather than brushing it off with your hand.

Liquid foundation: It is easy to smear the collar of your favorite top with a foundation stain while taking your clothes off. Removing the mark, however, becomes a major headache. Don’t just reach for the makeup remover when that happens. It might make the situation worse, since the oil used in it is actually meant for your skin.

So, check the label to determine the best cleaning method for any type of stain. Most professional work clothes are delicate and would require dry cleaning. In that case it is best to take it to a dry cleaning professional to protect your clothes and to make them last longer.