5 Tips for Finding a Good Dry Cleaning Service

Who would have thought that your relationship with your dry cleaning service would matter so much? But when you think about it, the arrangement makes perfect sense.

Your dry cleaning service is responsible for taking care of the clothes you spend careful time shopping for and hard-earned money paying for. You’re entrusting them to not lose your clothes or hand them off to a neighbor that you conveniently can’t tolerate. (Imagine him wearing your shirt around!)

You may even be trusting your dry cleaner to keep a few secrets. Maybe you’re a sloppy eater (mustard stains, anyone?) or a hearty red wine lover. Either way, a good dry cleaning service will have you covered. Your secrets, too.

Let’s take a look at five helpful tips for finding a dry cleaning service that you’ll enjoy doing business with.

Avoid the Chains

We’re not implying that all chains are bad. They certainly aren’t. But it’s easy for anyone to purchase a dry cleaning chain and fool customers into thinking that they know what they’re doing.

It’s better to choose a well-established dry cleaners with a history of good service. What types of experiences have past customers had? How does the company handle issues such as lost items?

As with other industries, you’ll find that independently owned dry cleaning services will go more out of their way to please customers rather than saying, “Sorry. Corporate rules.”

On Demand Service

The new wave of thinking when it comes to dry cleaning, use an on demand app.  Our dry cleaning app allows you to schedule a pick up or drop off time that is convenient for you and track when your laundry is ready. No more waiting in lines or wondering if your clothes will be ready in time for your night out. With our easy use app, we ensure quick service and no surprise fees as you will never be overcharged since all prices are guaranteed.

Ask About Pickup and Delivery

We have to agree on one thing: it’s a hassle to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning. Don’t you have enough to do? Some dry cleaning services agree, which is why they offer pickup and delivery.

If the service is offered, ask about how long the turnaround time is and how your clothes will be returned to you.

Know the Equipment and Fluids

Now we’re getting personal!

A good dry cleaning service will have state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff that ensures your garments are professionally pressed. Ask about whether or not the job is done by hand or machine (by hand is better).

Also inquire about the fluids used. Some places will reuse their cleaning fluids, which means that dirt from previous loads can get into yours. Ideally you want clean, purified or distilled water used with each run.

Stick with Your Gut

Your gut can tell you a lot about the services you hire to assist you. A reputable dry cleaning service will be happy to speak with you, answer your questions and even give you a discount for a first-time service.

Regalia Club, for example, offers one full month of membership for FREE to new clients. This is just one of the many ways that we show customers we are excited for all we have to offer!